Thursday, 2 April 2009


knocking down another one
he feels his old friend
coming in through the front door
forgetting is what he brings
the fall and how it still stings

thinking about something
thinking about nothing
numbing the pain and
a covering of the eyes

on this occasion he left it open
a memory, lacerated
an unlocked door at night
is an invitation for a fright

and they come with their own voices
tooth and claw bearing down
most of the times they don’t talk
other times, it’s deafening

empty bottles litter his life
gaping mouths spewing mocking laughter
a lover not a fighter is his cowards way out
kneeling is where they like him

waking to find an empty space
he is surprised
that he is surprised
that this still grips

always in the morn
a beady eye never succeeds
tricked again by the memories
so full of holes

being pulled from the depths
creatures of his, now disappearing
across at the absent space
crusted stains where her head used to lye

tears of loss creep into the corners of his eyes
reaching down he tries to conjure another fantasy

from the gloom

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