Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Latitude (a response) - n

Of course he,
present he,
yorke of yolk
and performed electro, folk!
A perfect one off!
to witness hence
on a boost across the fence
a so called 'foody freebie'
come hence, come see me,
a recording is present,
recieve it as a present,
for although the past
is played out
similarily is the future,
we're backsliding,


So the people crept
and the buildings continued to stare,
all a while between them
time played its eternal game of hide and seek
as the days passed like money from a drunkard's hand.

Starched and parched
like a dehydrated shirt collar,
they marched on in ever increasing silence.
Quite what the fled article was,
was not obvious.
All they knew was that those who fell
would forever mark the tidal path
of humanity's great retreat.

Friday, 21 August 2009


latitude (an extract)

“passing the boarder we neglected the piper. he, like us, is doing it for them and no,

I did not consider the Megan Fox however.

on our journey I was the jukebox.

the maestro of acceleration and gearbox, travelling to a land which be our neighbour and paradox. they consider us a volvox. small, yes but as hard as a pillbox and with passion and spirit like a firebox. this you cannot Xerox. yet still dumb as an Ox we travelled like Hawks. (bollocks!)

the giant metal man did not wave till we stopped at the trave.

it never did occur that a tent delivered from Tesco could have such an impact on ones libido!

where my head lay, the farm animals stay

it took us a while but finally we were there, naked in the night time rain.

no one was there to see me cry.

despite neglecting his duties, the rooster joined us for breakfast, yet still I did not consider the Megan Fox.

can it still be an adventure if you are not lost? The Volost would welcome me by the end of this yet I’d rather have the Bifrost.

hands the next day shaking. bright eyes and sideways glances, Susan Boyle and intermittent showers.

at long last Bruce did appear and disappear and again reappear to take us to the frontier.

oh my dear, oh my dear, oh my dear.