Thursday, 25 February 2010

c c n

tits and tweets dominate
the streets
peace cunt, cunt to the max, squared, take it baby,
industrial rubharb is sensitive in tone
give me, give me, give me a bone, strong and
hard i like to make faces in lard.
Face fuck a midget and watch him giggle,
its not my fault your mums clit is more like a sqiggle,
its her councelor so, squared and bo-oo fucking
radley, eastenders bradley.
Stacey you bitch of satan, suck the banaster and say thankyou,
council flat, counsil cat
not many have shat but many shag rat
i don the hat of stephen from take that, although he is a
dead cunt.
he's black he said, i know he said, okay i'm cool with that, i encourage racial blending,
yeh me too,
blending without disending?fourfold our crishendo,
clash and bang and fuck sue sang - soo s, ang? what bang! stan?
neil young says hi, crazyhorse turns to crazy,
i ran, ran, ran and liked a bewildered daisy,
shadey mavey, is a bit shadey; but she got it anywayzey (guest poet matt cameron),
lazy bitch,
not fallen in a hairy ditchbut not all is lost, but my birthday card is embossed,
right this shit is ended, just stop it, neil i shall pass this to you for the last line, with elegance and pride:
niel young has a giant face, the eyes are tight dispite the space,
colins mum has room to spare but she has stained underware,
yet pause, bend us all
over and suck us by the
smell the dust, let it dust
your brain,
from living;
and fuck

Friday, 19 February 2010

n (for L)

you weedy mountain goat!
trekking south across the
vast plains of a europe
steeped in winter like a
toy soldier plunged into a
bowl of vanilla ice-
cream. wait
untill spring, as was once
penned, my friend, wait
untill spring when the legs
come out and the bossom's sing.
yet dont forget; photo and
film, just
do your

Thursday, 18 February 2010


down i go;
bestial - swimming
on down through the thick
dense (space like)
surface waters of that
thing called sleep and
i'm resting now i'm really
resting now and
the city lights visit me,
fragmented in the cool layer of
water covering my
shining eyes and
they are resting now -
fixed to nothing,
just two silver birds
coasting on warm updrafts
on into the sun. and
over there on my mantle-
piece the clock winks at
me one last time
with it's
little hand.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010


panty hose panty
those werent
here last night some
whore must have krept
in whilst i was ass
leep and whenced upon
my floor
bed and
chose to leave
them panty hose
all over my pansy
nice! maybe i
can take em
to show the guys
at work
and say i
ripped em
off and ripped
her off
and she left those
and all the off
iss will be on
fire with regales and
tales of how i
fucked her in
those panty
those fancy hose just
got to burn
burn this
receipt and slip
them once
thrice again,
over my trembling

Thursday, 4 February 2010


what a welcome!
a cleansing, purifying experience.
and what a choice i have at my feet, lotions and
potions and i can even clean my teeth in here. you can
sing what ever you want while
you do your thing. right now this
belongs to me. always blast the cold and drip dry before you
get out. but thats not for yet. can go a couple of
days without it (that depends
though) but i'll always need it.
good after a heavy one the night before. only thing is, it can clean your ass,
but not your