Wednesday, 12 August 2015


raise up and push
the snap sound
up and back down
create the sheet music
so i can play
the symphony

button your buttons
tie the tie
grin their grin
offer your hand
hug it out

remember the script
watch the movie
playing out around the suns
preheat then
sit down and

Friday, 26 June 2015


Unfurl like a banner
across the street and
into the stoop
of the man in poop
- that filthy homeless
bag of bones, home alone
oh oh the zone,
get out the zone!
go left!
left wing on the high sing
go go jing jing
get out of your mind
and get into the pit,
it's happening down there,
below the constructs and
the jobs
and the bank accounts
and the tax returns
and the cut price
pizza tuesdays
and the high school
teachers on their way to
the fields of sandwichs,
below the howling of frogs
stranded on footpaths
where the canals are filled in;
below the treachery and deceit
of the reality
promised to you by
television, movies
and the third voice in your mind;
get below the idea
that you have a you
that that you has a right
and the will
and the means
to make it all the way;
get below the idea
that there is a way,
that there's always been a way,
that there always will be a way -
there is no way,
there's only one fixed spot
and it's not even here.
Get below it all,
just get the fuck below
and stay there,
if you know what's good for you

Thursday, 25 June 2015


I followed the blind man home,
it turned out he lived in a glass house
and nobody had told him.
Outside sat dozens of people
who just watched.
I joined them as we saw the blind man
do blind things
in the dark.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015


A slow return,
hazed out of nothingness
and bled back into shot.
Big Jim filled the screen
once more.
The children around him
were dusty skulls
on dusty piles of dusty bones long had he been gone?

A faint flicker,
two round eyes,
the shutters rolling up.
Big Jim I am...
he began to begin again,
consciousness reassembled
fingers twitching
at the moons of his
he swooned with the beat back
Big Jim on the backtrack
"Salt of me and salt of my,
Big Jim I am and
Big Jim I'll die"
But did he...?
Glancing down he beheld an ego,
rumpled on the floor
all purple powder and
designer mirage.
He kicked at the bones
of a bastard child,
and rose out of
his big easy chair.
He walked outside
and wasn't there.
The sky split
and a giant lawnmower
passed overhead
through the seam
of the seemingly infinite.

Sunday, 7 June 2015


a limb which grew fat 
a golden light 
an Indian man staring out the tram 
milk bottles for an eye piece 
moves like a girl, that gentleman 
your necklace is a key
ironed shirt
this morning 
tartan scarf 
beautiful hugs on the floor 
straight cut - suck her lips 
criss cross
check s'il vous plaƮt
i have change but not to hand
my love 
actioning off energy 
until god  
panting in your ear 
money gone gone monies 
disasters in writing and in foot steps 
surgically removed without a drop of anesthesia
waiting in line 
she refused to come around 
pose for photos 
smile like the sunshine
never thought 
never could have guessed 
finger tattoos 
take a piss bunny rabbit
watch me blow her a kiss 
let her suck you dry 
stepping from the boat, soon 
walking up or walking down
still it'll been gibberish till the end 
she stands there like a queen 
a royal 
a royal look upon her face 
knee operated taps 
dressed like a salesman for the good lord and his teachings 
the only lord - no god but my god 
asian baby at the wheel of the carriage that carries guests to the house where you follow them into every room
shiny old beemer 
classy + white 
ZOO turn left
foxtrot charlie 
piccolo please 
calorific bodily sensations 
a work of art in running shoes chasing the dream 
sunday after all
tomorrow gone 
tomorrow's gone 
tomorrow is gone 

tomorrow is 

Friday, 22 May 2015


C c c c
He he he he
He who sets foot and
tyre on Europe's
sweet face.
What sights behold
your sweet keen eye, C?
And tell me fair C,
how tastes the wine?
How efficient the postal system?
Always take the back road
layin down the thick choad
takin lots of pics yo
eatin up dem pastries tho
Peace be to thee and thine other
as you grace those great cathedrals
of time gone by.
What glories!
Qui la Basil leaf!
Leaf de jours !
Sacre cours!
A poem, dans le jar de fooq.
Dont get a puncture.

Friday, 1 May 2015


It's glorious!
What a shelf, not a crooked
bastard in sight!
Look at the screw heads!
What craftsmanship!
Never a finer work
of art!
It'll never fall!
The Roman empire all
over again!
Reside on my wall
and keep my paintings
safe you sexy
slice of wood
and cheap veneer
- and if you dare collapse,
I'll fall with you,
on my sword,
on a Monday morning
with big C
watching on
as I silently

Saturday, 25 April 2015


I hesitated...
this zoo was at once indoors
and out -
harsh strip lighting hovered overhead
and a thin glass wall
surrounded me.
A thrush came bobbing
into view, its feathers
long thin barbs
and its eyes like
great black holes.
He carried grass in his mouth,
and his flying saucer eyes
followed me as he passed
in a strange bounce,
as though walking on
the moon.
Next in procession came a cat
but this cat was a lion,
with hair equally long
and barbed
and eyes equally large
and black.
He approached a sheep and
proceeded to roar into
its face and at once the
sheep was me.
I turned and ran, hitting
the exit chamber with
a thousand eyes watching,
waiting to see if the beasts
would feast tonight.
I stood fumbling for the key,
and the beast rushed forth...
I won't lie - I shat my pants
before or after
waking up.

Friday, 24 April 2015


"Dig until you find gold" he whispered
as he handed me a teaspoon
and a crooked smile.
So i began,
and above our heads volcanoes erupted
and lightning struck with venom.
The sky filled black
and the world destroyed itself.
It chewed on itself,
and spat what was left back out
before stamping and screaming on the shrivelled remains.
All the while i dug through the ashes
as the smiling man watched with great interest.


Turning his attention upwards
he sucked all the beautiful people out of the sky,
and lining them up
one by one,
thighs to eyes
and lips to nips
he proceeded to lick them all two at a time.

Monday, 30 March 2015


Big Jim I am...

The fishes swam...
It was dark out here,
the air wasn't quite water
and the water not quite air...

He looked around, or rather
he was around
his conscious suddenly not

"...glig BIM I am" he swam...

he was stretched, universally applied
and condensed to the head of a

A bird chirped
a frog croaked
the fish swam
big Jim began

all over again.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015


"Johnson, you're hired!"
The bullet hit
right in the gut.
A lifetime of
security, pay checks
and beige.
I think I'll buy
a tie
a toasted cheese maker
on DVD.
I'll drink nice
wine and
eat olives with
cheese on
I'll grow grey,
and slowly
"Thank you sir!
I won't let you down!"

Saturday, 24 January 2015


I took a sweet toke
as my mind reclined
and intuitively knew;
"it's been too long."

I lifted the arm
dropped the needle
on the track
and sat back.

A camera winked at me
poems tickled my ears
and paint trickled out
from under my fingertips.

The faint smell of recognition
grew stronger;
I know this place,
this is home.


Big Jim slid down
into the comfy chair;
"Big Jim I am", he began
before astral projecting
to another dimension.
His cold, lifeless body
lay limp and prone
in the big easy chair
as the
children tugged at
his hair
as they
pulled at his toes
as they
stole all the coins
from his deep greasy pockets.
Meanwhile Big Jim
slid down
into the comfy chair;
" Big Jim I am", he began
before astral projecting
to another dimension
- just another chump,
stuck in an infinite
boot loop.
"Big Jim is a cunt",
the children all cried.
They weren't half wrong
they weren't half right
- it was confirmed by
the universe as
Big Jim the cunt
went howling through
the cosmic night.

Friday, 23 January 2015


"What's that smell?" they asked
"Not sure" he answered
Christmas smelt of shite this year
It was coming from the corner
He told the children that Rudolph must've done it
That Santa was caught short without a poo bag
He blamed the children
"Too many carrots" he said
"You piled them high"
"What did you expect?" he asked
The children were unprepared for such a question


Old Mags sneezed
she sneezed a "fuck you"
a giant "fuck you"
straight into my Cajun chicken roll.

Monday, 19 January 2015


my soul in a microwave
spinning round and round.
Hey neily, neily boy old pal
- whatcha doin spinning round
and round
to the horrible sound
of your soul cooking
at 750 watts?
I'm just fooling around, see,
playing with my essence
sprawlled bubbling
on a glass plate.

Saturday, 17 January 2015


Singing sensation! Cease this non cessation!
Dip it in chocolate
nip it and hop it
hop hop
run run
run bitch run
walkin down a
long and lonesome
chewing up the words
as they fall from the world
and pass down to hell.
Look now
the seagulls are flying
backwards signifying
a distinct lack of
Meanwhile nip
eating plastic with her face
eating face with her plastic
and ignoring the sea
(hence seagulls flying backwards,
chewing words etc.)

Thursday, 1 January 2015


Fuck ting a ling
Fuck ting a ling
everybody everybody
fuck ting a ling.
a new one has
a new one begun
fuck fuck fuck
good luck
in your filthy