Saturday, 25 April 2015


I hesitated...
this zoo was at once indoors
and out -
harsh strip lighting hovered overhead
and a thin glass wall
surrounded me.
A thrush came bobbing
into view, its feathers
long thin barbs
and its eyes like
great black holes.
He carried grass in his mouth,
and his flying saucer eyes
followed me as he passed
in a strange bounce,
as though walking on
the moon.
Next in procession came a cat
but this cat was a lion,
with hair equally long
and barbed
and eyes equally large
and black.
He approached a sheep and
proceeded to roar into
its face and at once the
sheep was me.
I turned and ran, hitting
the exit chamber with
a thousand eyes watching,
waiting to see if the beasts
would feast tonight.
I stood fumbling for the key,
and the beast rushed forth...
I won't lie - I shat my pants
before or after
waking up.

Friday, 24 April 2015


"Dig until you find gold" he whispered
as he handed me a teaspoon
and a crooked smile.
So i began,
and above our heads volcanoes erupted
and lightning struck with venom.
The sky filled black
and the world destroyed itself.
It chewed on itself,
and spat what was left back out
before stamping and screaming on the shrivelled remains.
All the while i dug through the ashes
as the smiling man watched with great interest.


Turning his attention upwards
he sucked all the beautiful people out of the sky,
and lining them up
one by one,
thighs to eyes
and lips to nips
he proceeded to lick them all two at a time.