Wednesday, 24 June 2015


A slow return,
hazed out of nothingness
and bled back into shot.
Big Jim filled the screen
once more.
The children around him
were dusty skulls
on dusty piles of dusty bones long had he been gone?

A faint flicker,
two round eyes,
the shutters rolling up.
Big Jim I am...
he began to begin again,
consciousness reassembled
fingers twitching
at the moons of his
he swooned with the beat back
Big Jim on the backtrack
"Salt of me and salt of my,
Big Jim I am and
Big Jim I'll die"
But did he...?
Glancing down he beheld an ego,
rumpled on the floor
all purple powder and
designer mirage.
He kicked at the bones
of a bastard child,
and rose out of
his big easy chair.
He walked outside
and wasn't there.
The sky split
and a giant lawnmower
passed overhead
through the seam
of the seemingly infinite.

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