Thursday, 10 March 2016


So plant. So plant.
It's a plant plant situation
and it's getting more plant.
Your soil, your soil
it gives birth to your roots.
Your roots, your roots
they give birth to your stem.
So stem, your stem
it's a stem stem situation,
and it's giving birth to the leaves.
Oh leaves, oh yeah, it's a leaves leaves
situation, and it's getting more leaves.
They look, at me, and they think
I'm the light. The light, oh light
and they try to photosynthesise me.
Oh yeah, photo, synthesisation.
My light, sweet light, nourishes the leaves.
Oh leaves, oh yeah, they give birth back to
the stem.
Sweet stem, yeah stem,
it gives light back to the roots.
Sweet roots, plant roots, gives it
all back to the soil.
And me, sweet me, I make poems
to the tune of Elton John
and Blue.
So blue, yeah blue,
blueblue blue blue de do.

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